We will tailor a system for you.

  • Evaluation – BrightLeaf Power will work with you to evaluate your current energy usage and needs (conservation, production, storage), and then develop a custom solution that will meet your long-term needs.
  • Complete Installation – BrightLeaf Power’s team will professionally install your custom energy solution and integrate it into your existing infrastructure—ensuring proper set up, production, and functionality.
  • Guaranteed – We stand behind our system with a 20-year warranty.

So efficient it pays for itself.

  • Cutting-Edge – With BrightLeaf Power, you will be at the cutting edge of the renewable energy revolution with 70% energy efficiencies—that is the best in the world.
  • Fast Payback– BrightLeaf Power’s efficiency leads to the fastest payback in the market, allowing you to be energy independent and control the energy line of your budget
  • Bottom Line– The first solar technology with a customer unit power cost lower than the utilities

You have control.

  • In-House Production – We place power in your hands by giving you the ability to produce your own energy instead of using the utility company. Taking control of your energy future mitigates risks from such events as rising energy cost and grid failures.
  • Constant Monitoring – Rest easy knowing that you are able to monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and annual energy production through any device with access to the web.
  • Add Value to Your Community – By providing clean energy for your employees, customers, and community, you are making a positive impact where you live while reducing your carbon footprint, benefiting generations to come.

We stand with you.

  • On Call – You will never be left solo with BrightLeaf Power. We offer several maintenance options for your system and we are always available to meet your needs.
  • We Do Our Research – BrightLeaf Power works to make sure you are aware of how to access all grants, rebates, and incentives that you are eligible for—immediately lowering your cost. We have expert knowledge of how to optimize tax structures for you. We are continually evaluating customer finance options.

Ready to get started?

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