BrightLeaf Power is led by a world class group of innovators and experts in their respective fields, desiring to bring leadership to the alignment of renewable energy generation with sound economics and forward-looking environmental stewardship. Leadership is crucial for the entire world, rich and poor, to recognize their common vested interest in economic prosperity, resource conservation, and ecological preservation.

BrightLeaf Power has a desire to pro­vide rea­son­able cost renew­able energy to the first world. We also have a deep con­cern to pro­vide afford­able, decen­tral­ized power solu­tions for the develo­p­ing world. For exam­ple, in recent years, the cell­phone has leapfrogged fixed line tele­phony to pro­vide decen­tral­ized com­mu­ni­ca­tions capa­bil­ity to hun­dreds of mil­lions of peo­ple who hereto­fore had no phone access, nor indeed any real­is­tic hope of access. We believe that BrightLeaf’s sys­tem could pro­vide a sim­i­lar leapfrog solu­tion in power gen­er­a­tion. In the devel­op­ing world, the heat har­vest may be pointed toward water purifi­ca­tion, thereby solv­ing the other great need for under­de­vel­oped com­mu­ni­ties: clean water.