Educational Institutions

A typical 50,000-square-foot (ft2) higher-education building in the U.S. uses more than $100,000 worth of energy each year. This forces the school administration to be concerned with carefully managing cost and not just improving the educational experience. With rising energy costs, aging facilities, and outdated systems, this balance is difficult to achieve.

As a leading educational institution, you want to lead the way forward in creating an environmentally friendly campus so that your students can learn and benefit from participating in the most advanced alternative energy systems while reducing your carbon footprint. Where can you turn to meet your energy needs and cut costs?

BrightLeaf Power is here to help you meet these challenges. With our cutting edge renewable energy solutions manufactured here in the States, we are ready to meet your needs. Our energy conversion efficiency leads to the fastest payback on the market, allowing you to be energy independent and eliminate a substantial line item from your budget.

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