Brightleaf Power has designed its products with you, the customer, in mind. We offer common sense decentralized solutions. Produce your power where you are going to use it to eliminate transmission costs and electrical line losses.

Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) production requires a small footprint to conserve your precious real estate. Our system requires 1/4 of the area of flat panel PV. Self-correcting trackers and a unique mounting system reduce site preparation and installation cost. We easily tie into your mechanical system and the local power grid.

Producing power on your site becomes feasible when the system is easy to monitor, maintain and repair. Our system granularity enhances reliability and makes troubleshooting simple. Sophisticated data communications put real-time analysis on your smart phone, tablet or computer. Peak energy performance can be supported by anyone you designate anywhere.

Learn more about using BrightLeaf Power in commercial installations by reviewing the industry specific information. Or simply call us today.