About Us

What if you could save money by harnessing the sun’s power? You could produce electricity and heat tailored to your needs:  powering your building, providing space and process heat, melting ice and purifying water.

An economically sensible system gives you freedom from traditional energy sources and puts the power in your hands to monitor & control your energy usage; this provides you with a reliable energy supply for your business or home.

Welcome to BrightLeaf Power.

BrightLeaf Power was formed out of a com­bi­na­tion of envi­ron­men­tal and eco­nomic con­cerns. We assem­bled a team of world class sci­en­tists to address the prob­lem. We ulti­mately con­cluded that con­cen­trated pho­to­voltaic (CPV) could make solar costs competitive with utilities. We are proud to say we have achieved this goal and have brought the product to market.

BrightLeaf Power is a company that seriously cares about its customers, cares about the environment, and cares about integrity. We are privileged to bring you a renewable energy system you can trust and that is cheaper than your utility company.