Placing Power in Your Hands
INTRODUCING BRIGHTLEAF POWER. Take control over your energy future with a 70% efficient renewable energy solution tailored to your needs. Merge energy independence, inflation protection and environmental stewardship at costs that make economic sense.
Placing Power in Your Hands
Innovations That Pay
CHANGING THE GAME. Brightleaf's cutting edge technology maximizes the harvest of the sun's power by producing not just electricity, but also heat for diverse purposes; space heating, hot water production, industrial processing, ice melt, even water purification.
Latest Work
MONTROSE WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT. High-efficiency installation means reduced energy costs and taxpayer savings, thanks to an innovative solution from BrightLeaf Power.
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You Have Control

BrightLeaf Power provides you with a predictable, secure energy supply for your business or home. Our innovative solution gives you freedom from traditional energy sources and puts the power in your hands to monitor and control your energy usage.
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Lead The Way

BrightLeaf Power's unmatched 70% energy efficiency places you at the cutting edge of the renewable energy revolution, a position that is beneficial to your company and to your community. Better yet, at the same time you are leading the way in cost reduction.
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Sound Investment

BrightLeaf Power’s breakthrough efficiency leads to the fastest payback in the market. This rapidly eliminates a significant line item from your budget, while locking in decades of power at today's cost. At last, green energy that drives black to the bottom line.
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Our Mission

BrightLeaf Power’s mission is to harvest the power of nature cost effectively for the good of mankind.
Our company’s vision is to place power in your hands. Businesses and individuals…from snowy Albany
to sunny Arizona to sultry Angola...BrightLeaf Power is here for you.